Wednesday 23 September 2009

Amali Project in Tower Hamlets

Amali Project in Tower Hamlets works with:

* Families who have experienced domestic violence where the perpetrator is no longer in the family and
* Families who have experienced domestic violence where separation may not have occurred and reconciliation is being considered.
* Educating children and young people for relationships by exploring non-violent relationships.
* Increase access for women and children to other community services .
* Work with women and children to develop their confidence, build self-esteem and improve mental well-being.
* To work with families to improve their lives by making informed changes to ensure their safety.
* Reduce violence and abuse within families by enabling and facilitating safe choices.

* Risk assessments and safety planning
* Individual support and counselling
* Group work for children and their carers
* Play therapy for children
* Parenting programmes

All referrals must be made on a DV1 Form obtainable from the project.

Self referrals will be accepted as well as those from agency representatives.

Families must reside in the Borough of Tower Hamlets

Amali Project
Ground Floor North
100 Christian Street
London E1 1RS
Tel:020 7702 1990
Fax:020 7702 2227

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